Oficial agenda of Cati Freitas
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Presentation of Dentro on MISTY FEST, in S. Jorge Theater, Lisbon – 21H

Tiago Costa, Brazilian producer and musician, will be a special guest.
The band will be formed by Tiago Costa (piano), Ruben Alves (keys), Jaume Pradas (drums), Nuno Oliveira (bass viol) and Miroca Paris (percussion).

Tribute to Joni Mitchell in CCB, Lisbon – 21H

On 14th November, CCB will receive Amélia Muge, Aline Frazão, Ana Bacalhau, Cati Freitas, Elisa Rodrigues, Luísa Sobral, Mafalda Veiga, Manuela Azevedo, Márcia and Sara Tavares. These artists will be accompanied by Filipe Raposo on the piano and musical arrangements, Carlos Bica on the bass viol and Carlos Miguel on the drums.
The show starts at 21h00 and the price of the tickets ranges between €16 and €33. 

Small Concert, TSF Studio

TSF’s end of summer party – 5 star concert -16H

Jardim da Estrela, in Lisbon.

Festival Out Jazz in the garden of the Ancient Art Museum, Lisbon – 18H

Noites Frias Vozes Quentes

Cati Freitas ao vivo, em concerto integrado na programação Noites Frias, Vozes Quentes do Teatro Municipal de Bragança, no dia 26 Fevereiro às 21h00.