Cati Freitas - album Dentro (Inside)
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My history begins with Dentro, a personal album intended to discover and allow myself to “scream”. Singing makes me confront myself with my conscience and my emotions.
I went to São Paulo and recorded the album in two phases, January 2011 and May 2012. I’ve decided to find the musicians who fulfilled the songs in my head and were perfect for the sounds that I wanted to present to you. The sounds, in which I could hear myself singing to you.
I felt so many things… I’ve struggled, and it took so long...
When I was on board the airplane and sat where I was booked, I looked through the window and breathed several times… those feelings were unknown to me, I was scared, but I knew I was ready to move on. Down deep, I knew I was ready. I was leaving after something that I could sense and was unknown at the same time.
I came back with that experience recorded, and it all begun with the need to “sing me” and to contribute to our music.
I hope you can listen to it with the same care it was recorded and, in the end, I can close my eyes and hear the applauses.